Bombardment Services

Your customers are walking wallets that need to be bombarded daily.

Telescreen Coverage

Your message, everywhere. All telescreens will be forcibly activated and will bombard via Audio and Video.

Guided Clickbait

Shoot your information straight into their eyeballs. Contact us for Cost per Missile pricing.

Electric Clicks

Get customer attention by delivering a mind numbing electric shock when a customer clicks on your brand.

Brain Impressions

Offered to official Ministry of Truth certified partner agencies only, this option is specifically designed for high resistance targets.

Extraction Services

AI is your friend. Our AI will fight with your competitors AI to engage the target first.


How else are we going to get big data?

AI prediction

Predict your targets daily routine before they wake up in the morning.

Extra Big Data

Store every piece of information about your target

It was a pleasure to work with the guys at Central Ad Agency. They obliterated all of our targets with flawless mass execution.

Do not be doubleplus-un-evil.


Room 101
Ministry of Truth, Siliconia